Single Ply Roofing, as its name implies, is a single layer of roofing material. This type of system is very popular on the East Coast, and started to be used by West Coast contractors in the early 70's. Single Ply Roofing has many advantages:
  • Extremely Durable! Provides high puncture and tear resistance, excellent dimensional stability, and high tensile strength
  • Excellent resistance to ozone and UV exposure, extreme weather conditions, chemicals, and fire
  • No heavy equipment needed
  • The membrane may be applied during times of inclement weather

  • Reflective coating will reduce energy costs
  • Offers the best of both worlds with the proven weathering of rubber and plastic membranes
    Benefits of Single-Ply PVC Roofing Systems:
  • Sun Proof - Through independent accelerated weathering tests and through projects in the field, Single-Ply PVC membranes has stayed flexible and watertight.
  • Eliminates Heat Stress - Because the PVC membranes are highly reflective, it keeps your building cooler. A cooler building can also help reduce heat stress on rooftop equipment.
  • Rooftop Protection - They are environmentally-friendly, prefabricated, reinforced single-ply roofing systems that is leak-proof and resistant to high winds, chemicals, and fire.
  • Installed Year-Round - Can be installed throughout the year in almost all temperatures and weather conditions. It is also virtually maintenance-free.

  • Roofing Industry's Best Warranties  With powerful written warranties of up to 25 years that provides commercial and industrial (flat or low-slope) buildings with maximum protection with no exclusions for ponding water.


    EPDM Single-ply black membranes are light weight and has exceptional long lasting elasticity permitting the materials to withstand following:


  • Building movement.
  • Expansion/Contraction of all surfaces
  • High resistance to Ozone and weather as they are known as "Crackless Rubbers"
  • Low Specific gravity - lightest of all rubbers.
  • Widest Temperature range from - 50'C to + 150'C
  • Excellent Steam and Water Resistance

These sheeting's are mainly used for Water Proofing in Roof, Swimming Pools, foundations of any civil construction, soak pits for animal feed, gobar gas plant, total prevention of sub-soil water seepage in tanks, canals etc...even after 20 years EPDM Roofing Material maintains good properties and appearance.


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