Sprayed Polyurethane Foam, also known as "SPF", is a closed cell roofing and insulation material that is rapidly gaining market share in today's construction industry.

Because it is sprayed on, it forms a seamless, monolithic barrier that prevents air and water infiltration. SPF systems are referred to as "self flashing" because they can be applied to vertical surfaces such as parapet walls and roof penetrations in a contiguous manner, thus eliminating seams and cold joints, the main source of roof leaks.

The roofing systems can be applied quickly and safely, without disruption to the facilities. What's nice about SPF systems is that in most reroofing applications there is no need to tear off existing membranes, offering cost and logistic advantages.
    Energy Star Coatings are an elastomeric material, made from acrylic or urethane, that is applied over your existing roof material or on your roof substrate. Being made from a material that reflects the heat causing elements of the suns rays it provides enormous benefits to your building envelope and your budget.

Roof Coatings give you benefits in several areas. Coatings provide a water tight barrier that also reflects the heat causing elements away there by reducing your roof temperature and heat transmission to the building interior. This extends the life of your HVAC and other systems and reduces energy cost. Lastly, a roof coating is categorized by the IRS as maintenance expense, not a capitol improvement. This allows its expensing in one year and not amortized over an extended period of time.
Standing Seam metal roofs have been used for decades and are:
  • Long Lasting- Metal roofing requires virtually no maintenance
    and will not crack, perforate, shrink or erode.
  • Environmentally Correct- Metal roofs are made from as much as 50% recycled material, the shingles are 100% recyclable
  • Energy Efficient- A metal roof reflects the sun, reduces cooling requirements and saves energy
  • Fire Resistant- A metal roof won’t burn or support combustion
  • Lightweight- A standing seam metal roof is light in weight yet strong enough to install over existing roof structures without reinforcement
  • Re-roofing Compatible- Standing seam metal roofs can be applied over existing asbestos or asphalt roofs, eliminating removal and dumping costs
  • Better Weather Protection- A metal roof won’t absorb water and provides better protection against hail than traditional roofing materials
  • Wind Resistant- Standing seam metal roofing outperforms other roofing products during hurricanes
  • Quiet- Noise levels for metal roofs are the same as asphalt, wood or clay (about 30 decibels)
    Single Ply Roofing, as its name implies, is a single layer of roofing material. This type of system is very popular on the East Coast, and started to be used by West Coast contractors in the early 70's. Single Ply Roofing has many advantages:
  • Extremely Durable! Provides high puncture and tear resistance, excellent dimensional stability, and high tensile strength
  • Excellent resistance to ozone and UV exposure, extreme weather conditions, chemicals, and fire
  • No heavy equipment needed
  • The membrane may be applied during times of inclement weather
  • Reflective coating will reduce energy costs
  • Offers the best of both worlds with the proven weathering of rubber and plastic membranes

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